Drifting Cup

Each National Sporting Authority (ASN) will have the right to nominate one driver for the competition, with no restrictions regarding drivers’ experience levels.

The action will commence with solo runs. According to their rank after those runs, the drivers will later be paired against each other to compete in the knockout stage.

Each competition will award gold, silver and bronze medals to its top three, all of which will contribute to an overall medal table to determine the winning nation at the end of the FIA Motorsport Games.

The Drifting Cup will feature on Friday and Saturday evenings and will be held under floodlights, utilising part of the Vallelunga Circuit’s main straight as well as the complex between Turns 10 and 14. All cars must comply with the FIA Safety regulations.

The competition will feature alongside five other disciplines of the event – the GT Cup, Formula 4 Cup, Touring Car Cup, Digital Cup and Karting Slalom Cup.

The Sporting Regulations of the FIA Motorsport Games are available at fia.com.


Friday, 1 November
Session Local Time GMT
Practice 16:20 15:20
Qualifying 18:15 17:15
Saturday, 2 November
Session Local Time GMT
Practice 15:45 14:45
Top 16 and Final 17:30 16:30

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