Karting Slalom Cup

Karting Slalom is a grassroots competition format growing at a phenomenal rate, in which drivers handle a kart through an obstacle course at a controlled speed.

This discipline is open to all young women and young men between 14 and 16 years old, with no licence or experience required.

It is a parallel slalom competition in a relay format, with mixed (female/male) pairings of drivers. The entry fee is €500 per nation.

Two equal slalom courses will be created. Each driver will take part at all sessions, completing three laps of the course. The first run will be a test run while laps two and three will be timed laps.

The competition will start with Friday’s practice sessions followed by a qualifying session held on Saturday and the Final Knockout Tournament on Sunday.

The Karting Slalom Cup will feature alongside five other disciplines of the event – the GT Cup, Formula 4 Cup, Touring Car Cup, Drifting Cup and Digital Cup.

The FIA has published Karting Slalom Guidelines, which can be used to practice before the final in Vallelunga. These and the Sporting Regulations of the FIA Motorsport Games are available at fia.com.


Friday, 1 November
Session Local Time GMT
Session 1 14:00 13:00
Saturday, 2 November
Session Local Time GMT
Session 2 10:00 09:00
Eight Final 14:00 13:00
Sunday, 3 November
Session Local Time GMT
Quater Final - Half Final - Small Final 09:00 08:00
Final 13:00 12:00

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