M&C Travel Events joins FIA Motorsport Games as official T&A partner

M&C Travel Events joins FIA Motorsport Games as official T&A partner
The FIA Motorsport Games concept will bring the world of motorsports to France this October. As such, we are very pleased to announce that we have partnered with M&C Travel Events, which will offer its full range of travel and accommodation services related to the event. 
Our partner’s dedicated team of travel agents will be at the disposal of all interested parties, offering pre-event travel and accommodation support and assistance, as well as direct in-event assistance for all queries. 
Offering their services in the motorsport world for more than two decades, M&C Travel Events are well known for their professionalism and commitment to excellence, which is why we are confident their team will deliver the high-quality customer service required for this event.
M&C Background and facts
More than 20 years ago, Manuela Schiffner and Claudia Lüdi founded their travel agency and have been a strong part of the motorsport community ever since. Their network and a focus on high-quality customer service have turned the business into a success story.
M&C Travel Events is a full-service travel and event agency, meaning they offer all travel services needed to organise and execute a trip. These include:
  • hotels near circuits and airports 
  • castles and rental homes 
  • rental cars 
  • shuttles, transfers and limousines 
  • group and individual flights 
  • catering and event services 
  • VIP and guest management 
  • on-site support and/or a 24-hour hotline during events 
  • visa services and assistance 
  • and more
By choosing M&C Travel Events, one can plan their entire trip with just one partner.
The multi-lingual team consists of well-trained travel agents and event specialists. Together, they support businesses involved in motorsports during up to 120 racing events every year. 
To find out more about M&C Travel Events and the event services they offer, head to www.wearemotorsport.com, or check out their profiles on InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn.