FIA Motorsport Games marks Earth Day by compensating carbon footprint to support vital environmental projects

FIA Motorsport Games marks Earth Day by compensating carbon footprint to support vital environmental projects
  • FIA Motorsport Games 2022 achieves 100% carbon neutral target
  • 53rd Earth Day marked with compensation of carbon footprint and emissions across Gold Standard VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) certified environmental projects
  • Wider sustainability and environmental plans already in progress for Spain 2024

The FIA Motorsport Games marks Earth Day 2023 with the confirmation that the 2022 event’s carbon footprint and emissions will be compensated via VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) certified environmental projects, supporting forest conservation, afforestation (planting trees on land that has not recently been covered with forest) and hydro power. 

Held across four days in the south of France last October, the FIA Motorsport Games united 72 nations in motorsport competition. The event featured 463 competitors across 16 disciplines and also achieved its target of becoming 100% carbon neutral. 

“Despite being a global event bringing athletes from all over the world, which brings an obvious carbon footprint, we are delighted to be able to fully compensate the impact of the 2022 FIA Motorsport Games,” said Anthony Comas, FIA Motorsport Games General Manager.

“In addition to this, a key element to the event is its educational value, and we truly believe that the sustainable mindset approach we've implemented will trickle down within the nations and local federations having participated. The true mission of the Games does not end at running our event sustainably, but by promoting sustainable motorsport at national level globally.”

Calculating the FIA Motorsport Games 2022 carbon footprint 

The total footprint of the Games was calculated by gathering greenhouse gas assessment data from all counterparts, following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol - the most widely used international accounting standard for government and business leaders.

Calculated emission sources included those from the main logistics and event, competition disciplines, travel and accommodation, suppliers and partners, plus emissions from additional event elements such as the official ceremonies and volunteer footprint. 

For the first time, fans were able to measure and compensate for their footprint to attend the event in a carbon neutral way via the website. The online calculator enabled fans to calculate their travel and accommodation emission from attending the event, and compensate their footprint by purchasing credits from certified environmental projects via a directly linked platform.

The event’s estimated footprint was calculated at 2,134.3 tonnes CO2e. With the 2022 games being only the second edition of the mutli-discplinary global event, the footprint becomes the baseline against which future carbon reductions will be measured and offset to ensure the FIA Motorsport Games remains 100% carbon neutral. 

Supporting projects in Vietnam, Zimbabwe and Colombia

Compensation of the 2022 event emissions is managed by FIA provider, South Pole, via an investment in a mix of forest conservation, afforestation (planting trees on land that has not recently been covered with forest) and hydro power projects, all of which are Gold Standard / VCS certified.

The investment involves forest conservation and restoration - a key objective of Earth Day - as well as avoidance projects that allow renewable energy generation, benefitting biodiversity and local communities, while having a positive economic impact in developing countries.

The projects, which were selected through a tendering process that included stringent selection criteria, are spread over three continents (South America, Africa and Asia) and meet the highest international standards. These include:

FIA Motorsport Games 2024 and beyond

With planning well underway for the 2024 FIA Motorsport Games, being hosted by Generalitat Valenciana, Spain, proper and thorough environmental management of the event remains a priority. Action already in progress includes:

  • Carbon offset calculation and compensation programme, in agreement with all parties, the host city and all supporting venues
  • Exploring the introduction of biofuel for all disciplines
  • Progressing the introduction of electric and hydrogen powered categories
  • Following all local, regional and national environmental laws and regulations
  • Collaborating with suppliers who offer sustainable transport, accommodation, catering and branding production
  • Single use plastic ban event wide
  • Communication of compulsory environmental policy to all stakeholders, to ensure all participants follow environmental guidelines
  • Compulsory compliance with the highest level of the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme 

For further information on the FIA Motorsport Games’ commitment to being a 100% carbon neutral event, please contact Julijana Atanasova at